How To Put Remote Work On Your Resume

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Employers expect to see what remote software you have proficiency in, such as Dropbox, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Trello, etc. Create an additional section for your remote work experience. Instead of listing a city and state for your position’s location, write “Remote Work” instead. Although freelancers and contractors are more common in the remote work world, the list of partly- or fully-virtual companies is growing . In any case, the following techniques can help you find remote work no matter which category you fall into. Working remotely gives you the freedom to live anywhere your passport will allow—as long as the different time zones overlap efficiently (for example, at Hotjar we work across EMEA + US hours only). Whether you want to stretch your Euros in Nicaragua or visit family in South Africa, all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

The number of remote job opportunities has never been higher, and more and more companies are open to hiring remotely. Our screening tests identify the best candidates and make your hiring decisions faster, easier, and bias-free. If you don’t want your resume to look cluttered, you can always create a new section dedicated to your remote work background. Hiring managers will be pleased to know that you’ve got a list of companies that trust you to do your job at a distance. Not sure how to make your remote intentions clear on your resume? Just like you would go to the mechanic when your engine breaks down, an expert resume writer is here to help you with your resume needs. From making sure your resume tells your best career story to guiding you during a career transition, resume writers are here to share their expertise so you can succeed.

How To Write Your Resume For A Remote Job

You can even list the specific name of programs you have experience using, like Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Asana, or Wrike. If the company you’re interviewing with uses the same tools, it’ll likely put the employer at ease knowing you already have the experience with them. In fact, many employers and remote employees might consider remote work a skill in itself. It takes a lot of focus, discipline, and strong communication to be an efficient and effective remote worker, and not everyone is cut out for it. If you’re seeking a remote job opportunity, it’s important to showcase your remote skills during the application process. Employers want to know you’re equipped to work from home, and there are several ways you can highlight this on your resume. If you search for a telecommuting job, previous remote work experience will be an asset for employers.

remote work experience examples

Additionally, according to this March 2020 Remote Work Statistics article, working remotely and online jobs will continue increasing as employers look for ways to retain their talent. Even though in 2020 the unemployment rate continues to climb due to Covid-19, employers are creating more remote work options and will continue to in the future. Employment history entries normally include the company’s corporate location as part of the conventional information. Shift the typical format and add “Remote” or “Freelance” to the place where you would mention the company’s city and state. This way shows that various firms put their trust in you to work for their organization from different locations. Workplaceless envisions a workforce that thrives in a flexible and digital-first future—where performance and growth are not constrained by location.

How To Explain Gaps In Employment In Your Resume, Cover Letter, And Interview

JoiningVirtual Vocationsgrants you access to our hand-picked remote jobs database. You can still lean into the skills you have to prove you’ll be an effective remote employee.

  • It can also help the hiring manager understand why you’re applying for the specific job at their company, and most importantly why they should interview you over other candidates.
  • You can even add some of the skills that helped you succeed and be outstanding.
  • Try out a free portfolio site or invest the time in creating your own website to show off your value and experience.

It was one of these bonfire meetings where we had a conversation about remote work. I wanted to find out more about my co-workers’ experience , so I created a Trello board to facilitate the discussion. People would submit answers and upvote their favorites, and their ideas became the foundation for this piece. Every Wednesday, we have a regular remote work experience examples meeting we call ‘the bonfire’ where we discuss things that aren’t strictly related to work. It’s a way to connect, have fun, share knowledge, and get to know new employees. For more help on finding a remote job, be sure to check out this guide next. Weave in the skills and your proficiency in job-specific tools you wrote down earlier.

Ben is a writer, customer success manager and CV writing expert with over 5 years of experience helping job-seekers create their best careers. He believes in the importance of a great resume summary and the power of coffee. When working remotely, it is integral that you can collaborate with your teammates despite the physical distance between you. To demonstrate this on a resume, it is important to showcase the experience you have with different collaboration software. Whether you are an aspiring digital nomad or are simply looking to skip the commute, working remotely is popular among modern professionals. Most resumes have a skills section, and if yours doesn’t now is the time to add one.

Job Title Or Location

Prior remote experience and skills are valuable for employers if you’re looking for a telecommuting role. Learn how to list your remote jobs in a resume professionally and attract the employers’ attention.Read More… Of course, if you have full-time paid remote work experience, you should include it on your resume when applying for a remote job. But, if you’ve worked part-time or volunteered and have remote-relevant skills and experience, that counts, and you should list it on your resume. Even if you have only casual experience , that counts as remote experience, too. Another area where you can highlight your desire to work remotely includes your professional summary.

  • Finding a remote job and getting hired typically means beating out a large pool of candidates, particularly if a remote position is open to job seekers worldwide.
  • Here are some best practices for showing remote work on your resume.
  • Do you have strong time-management skills and feel comfortable using email, phone and video-conferencing software to keep in touch with coworkers?
  • Being able to write well in your resume and in email can be one of the decisive factors in getting a job.

Design elements such as headings and bullet points can call a hiring manager’s attention to certain key points while allowing them to quickly learn who you are as a candidate. As surely as millennials love avocado toast , resumes remain one of your most crucial tools on the job hunt. When choosing your location, you can list either the location where you were based or the location where your company is based — there’s no need to specify which if you don’t want to. There are a few different ways to make it clear on your resume that you’ve worked remotely . Study Demic and LetsGoLearn are career writing guides which can help specifically with business writing. Writing Populist and State Writing are blogs with useful suggestions on resume writing. Resumention is a resume service that can help you create the perfect resume and show your best features.

Want To Start Working Remotely? Make These Changes To Your Résumé

This is where you have to tie everything you’ve done so far together to briefly explain why you’re the perfect fit for the position. Your online portfolio can be as simple as a one-page highlight per skill or as robust as a full digital portfolio of all your work and achievements. While each potential employer may use a different tool, they’ll appreciate your experience using something similar, which can still help you stand out. Now make sure these are front and center on both your resume and cover letter. Jot down all the tools or software mentioned in the posting and add a dash that includes your skill level as it relates to them. You’ll be able to fix your resume and cover letter with the help of this guide and turn around your bad luck ASAP. Learn how to take your remote job on the road as you travel the world.

  • Whether you’re looking for fully remote positions or navigating a return to the office, here’s how to demonstrate the key skills employers are looking for.
  • They should reflect your skills and experiences clearly to hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Use every inch of your resume to find ways to incorporate this important information in.
  • Think of your resume as the very first example of remote work that you can provide a potential employer.

Never submit a resume in a rush – a few typos here and there can turn off the hiring managers. Use online spell checking software (such as, read the document aloud to ensure each bullet makes sense. Format consistently – if you use period at the end of the bullet, be sure to do so throughout the document. This method works best for employees who worked from home for years, not for someone who has jumped into a teleworking role quite recently.

Remote Bliss

You got your resume past the bots and it’s headed to HR or the hiring manager. Now that a human is looking at it, you have to get and keep their attention. At a minimum, ensure that you don’t have anything that would disqualify you from an interview, like a misspelled word or a gap in employment . Let’s pretend that I’m seeking a training project manager job. Even though I don’t have that title in any of these last jobs, my history demonstrates my ability to do the job—also called transferable skills. Using keywords and phrases communicates that I can do the role of a training project manager.

remote work experience examples

This could mean working from a local coworking space, from home, at a coffee shop, or in a city across the world. After you’ve presented all your awesome skills and work experiences, you might add a “personal interests” section at the bottom. By including a few hobbies, you can show your personality and give a sense of what you do outside of work hours. For many jobs, it’s assumed that you have references, so adding this line to your resume is an unnecessary statement of the obvious.

Remote jobs get a ton of applicants, so most remote companies use applicant tracking systems to automatically filter out resumes that don’t match the job description. If a team is fully-distributed, companies can see decreased overhead from money saved on costs like rent and office furniture. To put that learning into perspective, Flexjobs reported that employers can save $22,000 per remote worker per year, even if their entire team is not remote. One of the most touted arguments for remote work is the increased productivity that comes with its flexibility. Remote employees are more likely to put in extra effort intheir jobs, going above and beyond toget their work done in comparison to in-office employees. According to the State and Work Productivity Report, 65% of full-time employees believe that working remotely would increase productivity – and their bosses agree. Two-thirds of managers who were surveyed reported an increase in overall productivity from their remote employees.

  • Generic statements tend to come in long walls of text with no impact whatsoever.
  • Remote jobs get a ton of applicants and many employers look for remote employees who have remote work skills.
  • But be sure to include precise dates and locations to draw attention to your continuous career progression.
  • You can do this by summarizing the experience you have with working remotely and collaborating over distances.
  • A great resume will help you stand out and display key remote work skills.

• It increases your chance of getting hired for a remote role. All else being equal, an employer is likely to hire someone who worked remotely before. If you have prior experience, you don’t need to be explained the protocols and practices of working from home, and you can jump in and work remotly effectively from day one. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, remote work has demonstrated a 44% growth over 5 years.

In this article, we explain the importance of a remote job resume, how to write one, and offer tips and templates to help you stand out. The number of off-site jobs worldwide is likely to increase further in the coming months. Keep your eyes peeled on job sites for new postings — you’ll never know when a great opportunity strikes. If you’re one of those people looking for employment opportunities in the middle of this pandemic, now may be a good time to take a good look at those virtual jobs.

What To Expect From Remote Work In 2022

So reach out to your network, attend conferences, connect with people on LinkedIn, and pursue any other steps to connect with other professionals. By taking a multi-pronged approach (ugh, there’s that industry jargon I warned against), you’ll be well on your way to getting hired for your next great gig. Before hitting send, read over your resume several times to ensure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

Remote Or Flexible Work Experience On A Resume

Think of your resume as the very first example of remote work that you can provide a potential employer. It will tell the hiring manager whether you’ve read and understood the job description. It will also tell them how much you pay attention to detail and care about your work. This post was written by Jennifer Parris, career writer atFlexJobs, the award-winning site for telecommuting and flexible job listings. FlexJobs lists thousands of pre-screened, legitimate, and professional-level work-from-home jobs and other types of flexibility like part-time positions, freelancing, and flexible schedules. Jennifer provides career and job search advice through theFlexJobs Blogand social media. We also have some general advice for how to write an awesome resume to land remote work below all the examples.

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